insights by statshacker provides (pre-)analysis of the outcome of MLB games.

Results are based on advanced, statistical simulation.

Note that this project is for research purposes; though, it may also be used to achieve significant statistical advantages. See below, for applications.

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Daily Fantasy Sports

insights can be used to achieve a statistical advantages in daily fantasy sports.

These advantages are the result of the accurate prediction* of the following:

– fantasy points

– variances

– covariances

* In (limited) testing, no publicly-available results are found to be more accurate.


insights was applied to the 2019 MLB season with DraftKings.

The following verifiable results were obtained:

– top 1% finishes in 27.83% of all GPP contests entered

– top 2% finishes in 41.74% of all GPP contests entered

– top 5% finishes in 67.39% of all GPP contests entered

Actual results:

These results were obtained over entries in 230 GPP contests. 20 entries were made per contest.

Sports Betting

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